Preventive healthcare and occupational safety

Volkswagen’s holistic healthcare management system also covers work organization, workstation design, behavioral ergonomics, psychosocial aspects, rehabilitation and reintegration into working life as well as programs for preventing lifestyle diseases.

In addition to conventional preventive healthcare and occupational safety, a free and comprehensive voluntary screening (the Check-up) is provided for all employees at almost all production sites. To maintain and improve employees’ health, fitness levels and performance, the Check-up is followed by measures to promote exercise, healthy eating and mental balance, for example.

Another important area for action in the Volkswagen Group is workstation ergonomics. Continuously improving these along the entire production chain and in all work processes is of great importance to us. Together with scientific partners, we are working resolutely to introduce state-of-the-art ergonomic workstations and innovative work processes in as many areas as possible.

as of December 31, 2018; in percent
Age structure in years of Volkswagen Group employees (bar chart)